SEG 2016 Airborne IP Workshop

History and theory

Smith, R. (2016). History of dispersive conductivity σ(ω) effects in ground and airborne EM data
Hodges, G. (2016). AIP: History, headaches and hopes
Chen, T. and Smiarowski, A. (2016). Understanding Airborne IP

Physical properties

Macnae, J. (2016). Physical properties

Data Processing

Viezzoli, A. (2016). Data Processing I
Kwan, K. and Legault J. (2016). Extracting chargeability from VTEM data
Chen, T. (2016). Extracting subtle IP from airborne TEM data
Smith, R. (2016). Induced-polarization effects in airborne electromagnetic data: estimating polarizability from shape reversals
Macnae, J. (2016). Data Processing V

Modeling and Inversion

Marchant, D. (2016). Modelling of IP effects in the time domain
Walker, S. (2016). AIP: Modelling, inversion and interpretation
Kang, S., Yang, D., Marchant, D, and Oldenburg, D. (2016). On recovering IP information from time domain EM data
Macnae, J. (2016). Modeling and Inversion IV
Viezzoli, A. (2016). Modeling and Inversion V
Kwan, K. and Legault J. (2016). AIIP mapping on modeled data

Case histories

Viezzoli, A. (2016). Case histories I
Kwan, K. and Legault J. (2016). Case histories II
Macnae, J. (2016). Airborne IP at Lewis Ponds, NSW
Munday, T. (2016). Case Study on AEM data affected by IP, Jervois, NT, Australia

Tli Kwi Cho Shootout

Oldenburg, D., Kang, S., and Fournier D. (2016). Airborne IP at Tli Kwi Cho
Macnae, J. (2016). Tli Kwi Cho Shootout II
Kwan, K. and Legault J. (2016). Tli Kwi Cho Shootout III
Viezzoli, A. (2016). Tli Kwi Cho Shootout IV